Bookscape Board Books: Christmas Cheer 硬頁書

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Explore a festive winter wonderland with this enchanting addition to the Bookscape Board Books series!

Christmas Cheer festively depicts the colorful, dynamic scenes of Christmas time—from caroling to baking, building a snowman to decorating the tree, and more.

Each uniquely shaped page overlaps with the next to create a complete landscape when closed—and an immersive world to explore with each turn of the page when open.

  • Delightfully petite and chunky board book
  • Begs to be picked up thanks to its tactile, toy-like quality
  • Filled with simple concept-based text and bright, jubilant illustrations

With each turn of a page, step deeper into the magic and spirit of the Christmas season.

通過 Bookscape Board Books 系列的新成員,探索節日的冬季仙境!

Christmas Cheer 喜慶地描繪了聖誕節期間豐富多彩、充滿活力的場景——從頌歌到烘焙,從堆雪人到裝飾聖誕樹等等。

每個形狀獨特的頁面都與下一頁重疊,在翻頁時創造一個完整的景觀 - 以及一個身臨其境的世界,在打開時隨著每一次翻頁而探索。

  • 令人愉快的小巧而厚實的硬頁書
  • 充滿了基於概念的簡單文字和明亮歡快的插圖


Bookscape Board Books: Christmas Cheer 硬頁書

Bookscape Board Books: Christmas Cheer 硬頁書

HKD $109.00